Hey, there.

You might know me by the username laurjeff. I’ll assume you’re here because you probably found my Twitter, noticed the handy link to my blog sitting pretty beneath my picture and such. I appreciate the urge to sate some strange curiosity to dig deeper into my life. Weird? Maybe. But I’m sure I’ve already internet-stalked the hell outta you, too.

So. About me.

I’m a writer. I’ve been published with THOUGHT CATALOG and THICKJAM. I have two produced writing credits for short films directed by Derrick Williams.

Scripts I’ve written: two (rough) sci-fi pilots. One spec about a circus responsible for a zombie apocalypse. One spec sci-fi about a murderous android whose human husband has fallen for a human girl. Etcetera.

Sci-fi is a preferred genre. Mostly because of aliens and fuckin’ robots. Nothing else so intimately, so beautifully, flays and displays the human condition at its most profound.

I have two amazing ‘survival’ jobs in the heart of West Hollywood to support my love for words and I fucking love it.

Life is good.

– L

(Contact me if you want me to write your next thing-a-mah-jig or if you’d like to read my work)


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