Hey, there.

You might know me by the username laurjeff.

(quick note: I have deleted all social media in the past year and so that one guy impersonating me on instagram is NOT ME; I’ve gotten countless emails and messages about it and no matter how much I report him for using my pictures, he just keeps coming back like a cockroach)

So. About me. The actual me.

I’m a writer. I’ve been published with THOUGHT CATALOG and THICKJAM. I have two produced writing credits for short films directed by Derrick Williams.

Scripts I’ve written: two (rough) sci-fi pilots. One spec about a circus responsible for a zombie apocalypse. One spec sci-fi about a murderous android whose human husband has fallen for a human girl. Many others. Some tv pilots. I’ve helped pitched some tv decks as well.

A novel which is complete but has yet to be edited. Some ghostwriting projects. Etcetera.

Life is good.

– L

(Contact me if you want me to write your next thing-a-mah-jig or if you’d like to read my work)

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