stardust, you.
impenetrable, irreversible.

didn’t you hear?
a thing like death’s coming,
cower, crouch, run –
death izza comin’!

cower, stardust, you.

i know a thing, and that thing is this:

beauty’s your cross to bear.
i’m sorry, baby, but beauty’s your curs-ed cross.

you be sparkling much too much.
you superb supernova.

death izza comin’!

impenetrable, irreversible.
yet all they’s see’s the sparkle,
unlike unbreakable bonds that created you

to core, from core

yet all they’s see’s gold luminescence

yet yet
death izza comin’!

yet yet

you survived big bangs, baby
you survived THE big bang
you survived

yet yet
death izza comin’

and all they can see
is gold luminescence
all they can see’s sparkle
all they’s can comment on
is whether you shine just right in the event of unfortunate explosion
while death izza comin’

your way

because, baby doll, precious –
beauty’s your cross to bear

i’m sorry, baby, precious girl

beauty’s your curs-ed god-given cross

and death izza comin’ straight

for you.

yet yet

by god you sparkle
by god that is your death, this sparkle,
by god, by god, yet yet –

you are pillar, you are strength
you are the things this god dreamt of

you are stardust

and when a thing like death’s coming,
stand, stare, stay put

impenetrable, irreversible

you are still stardust, you.

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